107 babookari
Time zone: 5 million years

Mammal, primate or ape


Around a meter tall


Uakari, a South American monkey


In groups of 30-40 on the grasslands, sleeping in trees


Plant material, insects, small land vertebrates, but mostly fish caught in woven baskets

Eaten by:


The Babbokari are baboon sized creatures decended of the Uakari, a bright pink faced monkey. This animal lives through tropical South America, due to the decline of moisture; rainforests no longer thrive near areas such as the Amazon thus causing grasslands. This intelligent creature resembles the Baboon, (mainly it's face, chest, and rectum which are coloured bright pink & blue). The Babookari's diet consists of roots, fruits, grasses, leaves, (probably small animals and carrion) & fish, that it traps in sophisticated fish traps. This creature maintains a nomadic behaviour of traveling to rivers to fish at day & finding pockets of forests to sleep in at night. A sentry protects the group by giving an early warning of predators (like the Carakiller).

Classification Edit

S - Cacajao nireuakari

G - Cacajao

F - Pitheciidae

O - Primates

C - Mammalia

P - Chordata

K - Animalia


Babookari are bulky animals with strong limbs and feet living in groups of 30-40. They are quadropedal having hands that are adapted for gripping and weaving.

Babookari are gentle, social animals. Their long inflexible tails have a distinctive tip, which they can flick to keep in contact with other members of the troop in the tall grass.


They eat largely protein, especially fish, which are caught in woven traps that they make. The woven spherical basket trap is thrown in the water and recovered later and the fish eaten.


Information from the present-day uakari:

Females mature at 3 years; males at 6 years.

Young are born from May – October. 1 young is born at a time. Average annual birth rate for female young: 0.25. Time between births is about 2 years.

Grassland babies are at risk from birth, so you might expect them to look like young adults, instantly able to run and evade predators.

Maximum Reproductive Age of a Female is 11 years.

Notable BabookariEdit

  • Alpha, a dominant Male babookari.

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