1. "Electric Fisherman"
  2. "Extreme Bird Watching"
  3. "Sky High Anxiety"
  4. "Toratonnage"
  5. "Think Big"
  6. "Squibbon See, Squibbon Do"
  7. "A Poggle's Not a Pet...Yet"
  8. "Phantom Fear"
  9. "The Future Is Underground"
  10. "Be True to Your Crew"
  11. "Sign of the Time Flyer"
  12. "De-Tour de France"
  13. "Night Crawlers"
  14. "Sweet Home Pangaea II"
  15. "Shallow Pals"
  16. "Parent Trap"
  17. "Around the World In 80 Minutes"
  18. "Monkey Brains"
  19. "Swimming With Slickribbons"
  20. "Scared Safe"
  21. "He Might Be Giant"
  22. "Ghost in the Machine"
  23. "Cure For The Common Megasquid Cold"
  24. "Queen of the Squibbons, Part 1"
  25. "Queen of the Squibbons, Part 2"
  26. "Snowstalker in a Strange Land"

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