The Time Flyer has a highly sophisticated computer system. This system is used for flight-control, navigation, life-support (including food and sanitation systems), reaction-control (of the ship's fusion engine), time-travel calculations, and record-keeping. Information can be displayed as a holographic projection, and verbalized by an electronic voice.

In the bridge, there are a number of workstations. Along the front, there is the Flight Station. Along the sides, there are the OppStations. And at the center is the InfoStation.

The Flight Station is used for flight, and to make the calculations needed for time-travel.

The OppStations are used to control of ship's sub-systems.

The InfoStation is is a round, 4-seat table, that displays all the information from the ship's database.



A Holodat

A Holodat (or Holographic Database) is portable device that is remotely tied to the InfoStation, so the team can access info on creatures and environments, while on the field.

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