Desert hopper
Time zone: 200 million years

Mollusc, snail


30 centimeters high, the size of a rabbit


Land snails


Buried in the sand at night


Plants and algae which grow after rain

Eaten by:

Deathbottle plants

This desert living mollusc can grow up to the size of a rabbit. They hop around the desert on a single tough hardened foot, essential for easy movement over the hot surface. During the heat of the day they burrow into the sand but around dawn and dusk they come out to feed on the tough desert plants.


The Desert Hopper hops across the Rainshadow Desert at the speed of a jogging human 3-4 hops a second. The jumping pumps air in and out of the lungs, providing sufficient oxygen for all this activity.

A snail that hops hardly seems possible; but even in the human era, the marine cone snail can hop on its muscular foot. The desert hopper is about the size of a rabbit; and its thick skin and hard shell prevents the loss of moisture. Its long shell balances it as it hops along.


Desert hoppers do not drink. All their water comes from the plants they eat.


Not known.

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