Forest Flish
Forest flish
Time zone: 200 million years

Fish; relatives of the Ocean flish


12cm long, the size of a wren


Flying fish


Among the trees; rest hanging below the branches like bats in Northern Forest


Small Insects

Eaten by:

Slithersucker, Squibbon and Megasquid

These are specialised relatives of the ocean flish that have moved successfully inland. They are much smaller than ocean flish, about the size of a wren. This flish's wing beat frequency is 30 cycles per second, and articulating on the shoulder, the wing beat resembles that of a locust.


Although they are a type of fish, forest flish spend their entire lives among trees in the Northern forest.

Like their marine cousins they fly by means of an expanded pair of pectoral fins.

Forest flish communicate by chirruping. They produce the sound in a similar way to human-era grasshoppers. They rub together special teeth at the back of their throats.


Forest Flish will occasionally eat insects


the Forest Flish give live birth to their babies

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