Time zone: 100 million years



As long as a minibus – 4m


Electric catfish


In the Water of Bengal Swamp


Small Fish, Swampus

Eaten by:

No Predator

These murky waters provide a home to a host of dangerous creatures. Possibly the most dangerous is the lurkfish. This 4m long sophisticated ambush hunter is capable of generating an electrical charge of over 1000 volts that stuns even the largest prey.


The lurkfish has lumpy brownish skin and leafy fins which can make it look like a log. This camouflage hides the fish from enemies and also helps it to ambush prey.

Lying in the shallows of the swamp, sometimes for days on end, the lurkfish waits for a victim to pass.

It can barely see through the dark water and instead senses slight movement that tell it exactly where other animals are.


Once near a meal it uses its powerful tail to dart forward and snap up its prey.

The lurkfish has an extra trick for larger victims! Using special muscles along the sides of its body it can deliver a super-charged electric shock. This paralyses the prey stopping it from moving so that the lurkfish can munch in peace, Lurkfish eat Swampus and Small Fish.


Babies or offspring behavior is unknown.

Predator Edit

Predators are unknown.

Mating Edit

Mating habits unknown.

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