Model-K robot called "Nelnut".

Robot crew

Originally, the work on the Time Flyer was supplemented by a crew of three robots, with C.G. an the commander. Each robot has a sophisticated artificial intelligence, and have been programed to fulfill an aspect of the overall mission. Concerned with the moral of his daughter - who would be traveling alone for months on end - C.G.'s Father upgraded the robots for companionship.

C.G. was not content with the robot crew, as they insist on doing all of the field work to minimize the risks that C.G might find. On top of that, the supplemental programing was a poor substitute for real human interaction, especially since C.G. never really had friends her own age. After a run in with Squibbon, he managed to damage their programing, and C.G. has not been able to properly fix them. Since the struggle also thrown the Time Flyer into the early 21st century, C.G managed to replace the malfunctioning robotic crew with children from that era.

At one point, C.G. was convinced by her father to fix the robots, so the "primitive" human crew can be sent back to their own era. C.G. had a change of heart, and her father was convinced that the mission would go better if she had real friends to help her out.

The robots are:

  • "Nelnut" — A blue-colored robot classed as a Model-K. It has been programed as the ship's Engineer. It was also programed to play games and preform tricks, as well as to tell jokes - which was not good at doing any of it.
  • "Suroc" — A green-colored robot classed as a Type-4. It has been programed to study animal behavior, and is a medic. It was also programed to act as a confidant for C.G., and to help address any personal problems she might have — if you don't mind talking into its rear.
  • "Visocod Y" — A yellow-colored robot. (Its type/model was not stated.) It has been programed to study environments. It was also programed to cook — although, its was never successful at this.


  • The robot crew first appeared in Be True to Your Crew, and later appeared in a later episode in the cargo hull, deactivated.
  • Nelnut is voiced by Adrian Truss, Visocod Y by Ron Pardo and Suroc by Patrick McKenna.

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