This Shark grows up to 4m in length and hunts in arrays of dozens of individuals. They have specialised ridges around their heads packed with sense organs. Within the array each individual passes information on the location of prey to the others around it via bio-luminescent patches that run along their flanks.


Sharkopaths have a streamlined body shape similar to sharks from the human-era. They use an array of light producing side patches to communicate with each other, for camouflage and for luring prey.

They patrol the Global Ocean in loose groupings covering a large expanse of water.


Sharkopaths hunt in packs, signalling their discovery of prey with a flashing sequence of bioluminescent patches on their skin.

Another sharkopath, seeing this message, repeats it and it quickly spreads. Soon the whole group of sharkopaths is aware of the presence of food.

This method allows them to kill much bigger creatures than themselves.


Not known.