Spitfire Birds
Spitfire bird1
Time zone: 100 million years

Flutter bird


Size as Starling


Sea birds or petrels – shearwater, fulmar, albatross


In the Antarctic forest


Nectar from flowers

Eaten by:

Spitfire Beetle and Falconfly

Spitfire Bird - Collects chemicals from Beech Burners, which when mixed are highly corrosive. When threatened they spit the chemicals at the assailant through their nostrils, which proves a powerful deterrent. They use orange patches under their wings to flash a warning at potential predators.


The spitfire bird has an excellent defence mechanism. Gathering chemicals from Beech Burner trees, the spitfire bird stores these in a special compartment in its throat.

When it finds itself under attack, it mixes the chemicals to produce a deadly acid which it sprays at its attacker. Blinded by the acid the attacker falls to the ground and the spitfire bird can make its escape.


They drink on nectar of Spitfire Flower in the Antarctic Forest.


Spitfire bird lay egg in their Nest.

Predator Edit

one of Spitfire bird predator was a Spitfire Beetle and Falconfly, one thing does Spitfire Bird Defense was using their Cube on their Beak to gathering chemicals from nectar of spitfire flower to make hot spit.

Mating Edit

two Male Spitfire Bird fight incharge by spit at incharge, one how win will have a female to mate with, first they Communicate incharge, then fly around, then mating dance.

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